xDai funding round 04

Round 04 uses the same contracts as round 02.
But different trusted setup:

UI IPFS hash: QmUMJQZNAZHNc58cws3AtTZLLfEkN9yzuBBfbpi6xGghag

Updated DNS and ENS.
The new round information looks really nice.
Great work @markop and @xuhcc.

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Round 04 has been cancelled.

There was an error during the tally process and MACI on-chain state became invalid, so the round can’t be finalized properly. This error was probably due to MACI CLI getting incorrect data from the JSON-RPC node, but the exact cause of it is still unknown and investigation continues. We will publish a more detailed post on our blog soon.
Meanwhile everyone can withdraw their contributions by pressing ‘withdraw’ button at the bottom of the shopping cart:

Screenshot_2021-03-12 clr fund - Projects

Here are the tally results: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmTgnWKudHvPNxJuRVZposn6kyJ1HKndtu267thmcx7QM4?filename=tally-test.json