Funding Round 02





Quick question, should the previous rounds (0 and 1) show up in the rounds section?

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They are not showed because previous rounds were running on different contracts and API is not compatible but I think we can just add links to previous UI deployments which still live on IPFS.

At some point, will we make the contract upgradable so that we don’t lose history when we make updates?

Or is that the wrong way to think about storing round history?

Round 02 results:

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@xuhcc, what is the easiest way to associate an index with a recipient address?
Previous versions of the UI sorted by index, so I could just do it manually. Now that it sorts randomly, I guess I need to call a function to get address from index or vice versa.

The recipient registry contract has getRecipientAddress() method. Example:

let recipientRegistry = await ethers.getContractAt('KlerosGTCRAdapter', '0xd46f15e2b3abABE2B726D0F2959329a9a2b76748')
let address = await recipientRegistry.getRecipientAddress(index, 13467135, 13764434) // start & end blocks of the round
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I created a script to find projects that correspond to indexes in tally file. Here’s the result:

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Oh this is great! Thanks for that.