Quadratic Trust as a curation mechanism

Following on from our previous discussions around curation mechanisms, I wanted to float a new idea.

Quadratic Trust as a curation mechanism for projects.
The idea being that we use a system similar to quadratic trust to curate the list of projects in the frontend. Meaning discoverability of projects (mainly the order that they appear in) would be based on the output of discrete rounds of quadratic trust voting.

This has a few nice properties:

  1. It means that folks who can’t / don’t want to make a financial contribution can meaningfully impact projects they value helping to increase their exposure on the frontend.
  2. The outcome (a well curated list) is an emergent result of uncoordinated inputs.
  3. No one needs to consume the entire list.

The main downside that I see is that rounds must more than likely be discrete, which may mean they respond slowly to shifting opinions and could require more attention (voting each round) than might be desirable from a curation mechanism. Compare this to something like Ideamarket which is continuous and does not require repeat interactions.

Nevertheless, I’d love to explore this concept further.


From a user experience point of view, I’d love to build this in such a way that it feels similar to claps on medium.

Each BrightID verified user gets the same amount of voice credits to spend on each round. You can “clap” for as many or as few different recipients as you like by hitting something like the “clap” button on their profile. The cost, in voice credits, for “clapping” a project is the square of the number of claps you give it.