Client-side filtering, sorting, and curation

We’ve been talking about curation mechanism on the contract layer for a while now, but haven’t talked much about ways that the client might improve the UX with some filter, sorting, and curation/quality control features.

On the community call earlier today we discussed a few options:

  1. Allow verified contributors to mark projects as “low quality”, projects that are marked “low quality” by more than some % of the contributors are filtered out by default (quality filter can be optionally turned off)
  2. Add sorting options: last round match, all-time match, newest, random.
  3. Curated lists, similar to how tokenlists are used on Uniswap and “collections” are used on Gitcoin grants. These are lists of projects that are curated by other parties.

Mark as low quality could be a button on the project single page like this.

Filters we could add a dropdown at the top to filter by: All, last round match, all-time match, newest, random.

Collections can be added a link in the sidebar which opens a list of collections on the right (including an expanded list of collections in the main nav sidebar).

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Nice mockups, @markop!

These sound like sorting options, rather than filters. How would you imagine “All” sorting the list?

Perhaps we could add a “low quality” filter as a toggle, which filters out any recipients that more than x or x% of contributors have marked as low quality.

Yes! This sounds great!