In my eyes, xDAI DAO falls under the “public good” category, as @auryn highlights as being an important facet being addressed, because it seeks to encourage xDAI-specific discussion that fosters greater use case group-think exercises. This banter and these posts, comments, and general discussions are awarded with r/xdai monthly airdrops in the subreddit, as a means of encouraging the community to stay involved with xdai, innovative blockchain tech, and EVM developments. For this reason, and the encouraging efforts characteristic of the subreddit for aspiring projects, imperative for the scalability, I would put forth that xDAI DAO is a worthy candidate alongside a string of already interesting projects.

What is xDAI DAO? Could you provide a link?

Sure @auryn. xDAIDAO.com

I don’t see anything on that page that looks like a public good.

I do see “altcoin accelerator”, “monthly airdrops”, and “IDO launchpad”, which sound like the opposite of public goods to me.

Gotcha @auryn. Best wishes.

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