SNAFU Collective

I just noticed that SNAFU Collective was added to the registry.
This is a super cool project, but I’m not sure if I’d consider it a Ethereum public good.

What do you think?

Hello, we want to help artists online and offline with this project, to do it we obviously need money to support this operation. We have a token, but it’s in its early stage and we do not want to dump on our community.

We saw Minerva, that is a wallet, they have a token too but they are listed here, this is where we got the idea.

Right. I don’t think having a token necessarily excludes a project from the registry.

It’s more about whether or not they align with the constitution, specifically the definition of public goods.

My interpretation in Minerva’s case is that its fine so long as the funds are only used towards the creation, improvement, and maintenance of the parts of their application that are Ethereum public goods.

With that in mind, I’d love to learn more about what Ethereum public goods SNAFU is creating, improving, and/or maintaining.

Of course we are on xdai chain and not Ethereum, this is for the high fees to mint NFTs, deploy smart contract and interact with them.
So at this precise moment there is no relation to Ethereum, so I get your point.

Still we are an artist collective, and we are Ethereum believers. Xdai is building a bridge for NFTs and once that is done we want to sprewd the word, test it and make our NFTs available for this and facilitate the process the most we can.

We want to be a onboarding for artists and collectors and then help them bridge and use the NFTs both on Ethereum and xDai chain.

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Unfortunately (since the project itself does seem pretty cool), I have to agree.

Firstly, apart from being built on Ethereum technology, it does not appear as if the project itself has objectives relating to improving Ethereum itself.

Secondly, it’s not clear to me how the project is a public good. By definition, a collective has membership of some kind (more like a club good), and selling NFTs necessitates some rivalrousness (private goods).

I’d be happy to have my perception proven wrong. But as it stands, I would vote against this project’s inclusion in the registry.

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Looks like we fell asleep at the wheel on this and the proposal has been accepted and executed. So SNAFU Collective is currently on the list.

However, @spengrah, I agree with you on this, so I’ve gone ahead and started a removal request.

This is a shame, because I really like the project. But I do think we need to be particular in making sure that all of the recipients are genuinely Ethereum public goods.

It was our fault to not read completely your constitution, sorry.

No worries at all. We vary much appreciate the intent :smiley: