Should we mirror our codebase on Radicle?

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, Radicle is a decentralized app for code collaboration.

One of the really neat features that it will enable is more meaningful rep ownership for DAOs; essentially, a standard way for DAOs to designate the official version of their code. In contrast to GitHub, which requires trust in an individual who ultimately owns the DAOs org and repos (not to mention trust of the platform itself).

It seems like Radicle is pretty well aligned with, so I’d love to explore migrating or mirroring our codebase there, with it eventually becoming the canonical version of our codebase.

My two hesitations are:

  1. this would almost certainly introduce additional and unnecessary technical challenges as everyone learns to navigate Radicle
  2. this might make it harder for new contributors


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Radicle doesn’t yet have any tools for code collaboration, it only has a git repo viewer (read-only).


I mean, it’s certainly lacking a lot of features from github, but it’s not read-only.

Nevertheless, I don’t think there is any harm in us mirroring our code on Radicle.

With that in mind, I went ahead and threw it up on Radical a while back, but I’d like to make a better effort to keep the mirror up-to-date.