Should we live stream the tallying next round?

It seems like there are a bunch of people on the edge of their seat waiting for round 7 to be done tallying. I wonder if we could run a livestream for it next round so people can see it in progress?

I mean, it’s not super fun to look at…

But it could be a cool way to:

  1. satisfy people’s curiosity
  2. create a new layer of engagement
  3. collectively celebrate the end of the round

How was the engagement on the tweets about the progress compared to average tweets? If they overperformed, I think it might be worth trying.

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Doesn’t look like they had a ton of engagement. @mahoney can probably give us some more insight on that though.


Good question! @beetee has some feedback

Engagement for the progress update tweets is pretty low compared to a lot of the other tweets - 3.5%
Higher than current average of 2.4% though.

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On the live streaming front, I think it’s worth trying, to your points @auryn : for those curious it’s a different way to engage and keep tabs on progress.
How might we gamefy the process a bit more on a visual/interactive level…

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