Should we create a subcategory / instance of for memes?

My meme-game for has been pretty weak. So this weekend I asked Twitter for some advice on the best memers in the space. My thought being that we might be able to bring in some folks to help up our meme and comms game. Essentially, someone to produce some more engaging content for our Twitter and Blog.

One suggestion was to run meme parties on Discord, which I’m totally open to. But this got me thinking that perhaps meme creation could be a good, low-stakes, way to try out nesting instances of

Essentially, we’d spin up an instance of called “CLR memes”, “QF memes”, or something similar. It would be a recipient to the canonical instance, and would run its own rounds that end shortly after the canonical rounds. This way, the Ethereum community can contribute generally to the creation of quality QF memes, using the canonical round, and to specific memes they find valuable in the meme rounds.

I’d be happy to coordinate these rounds, so it’s not more work for @xuhcc. This would ensure that I’m staying up-to-date with the latest changes, without relying on me for the higher-stakes canonical round, where @xuhcc is clearly the best choice right now. It could also be a good environment for testing new features as the canonical round matures and begins to require more stability.

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Meme parties on Discord are great! Recommend :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I think it’s time for us to start using the Discord server for some more community engagement. This would be a great way to kick that off.

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