New colony, who dis?

I’ve gone ahead and bootstrapped a new colony for us on xDai. The :gem: and reputation balances should match the mainnet state as of today. (although the reputation changes may take a day to update). Please let me know if you have any issues logging in to the new colony.

There are a few pending tasks on the old colony, we should pay them out in the new colony instead.

We’ll also need to coordinate moving the existing funds over the xDai bridge and into the new colony. The simplest way would be to send all of the tokens to my address and then I can just transfer them over the bridge. A less-trustful approach would be to send the tokens to the mainnet Gnosis Safe and across the bridge from there. I’m fine with either option.

I have not fully set up permissions yet, since the new version of colony works a little different and we haven’t talked about how we want to use it yet. For the time being, the clrfund contributor Gnosis Safe and my account have full permissions in the root domain. I’ll remove my permissions once we’re happy with the setup and have figured out our workflows for paying out :gem:.

One thing worth noting is that Colony will release their “motions and disputes” feature, which means we should be able to remove any direct permissions from individuals.

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Since the new version of Colony doesn’t yet have the “task” functionality, and to get in the habit of a “lazy consensus”/“motions and disputes” like workflow, I’d like to suggest that we record work here in the forum for the tone being.

Essentially, any time you would like to be paid in :gem:, you should post a topic (perhaps we make a new “work” category or tag) describing the work and renumeration (much like we used to do with tasks in the old version of Colony). If no one objects, then the payment should be made ~72 hours after the topic was created.

If you do object to some with that someone posts, reply to the topic and try to resolve it. If it can’t be resolved, create a poll and we’ll all vote on it here in the forum.

While not perfect, this is a good trial run for how the motions and disputes workflow will work in Colony once it’s released. With the notable difference being that votes will be reputation weighted in Colony, while they are 2p1v here on the forum.

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