Make it obvious that you can only contribute once

One user immediately checked out after adding an item to their cart and selecting the amount they want to fund, while intending to do the same for other projects they wanted to fund.

Upon adding other items to their cart, they realized that they could no longer add funding, only reallocate the existing contribution.

We should make this behaviour of the app very explicit to the user, otherwise we risk costing projects money through contributions that we unable to be made.

A warning or click-through tutorial would perhaps be a good solution.

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We can show warning in a popup window before proceeding to “Approval” step:

“You are about to contribute 111 WXDAI to 2 projects. You can re-allocate contributed funds later to different projects but it is not possible to increase the total contribution amount” – Go back / Continue

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Yeah, I think that’s a fine solution.