Let's make some leaderboards!

I’d really love for us to add some light gamification elements to clr.fund, provided they are in service of:

  1. Improving the UX.
  2. Increasing the amount of funds flowing through to ethereum public goods.

We dabbled in this very lightly with our POAPs last round, but that was more of a way of saying thanks than really an attempt to gamify the app.

One feature that could be impactful for both UX and funding volume, and could be quite easily implemented, is leaderboards.

Each round, we could create leaderboards for:

  1. Total matching pool contributions
  2. Total direct contributions
  3. Total contributions

The “Public Goods Justice League” that Gitcoin/Kevin started last round of Gitcoin grants is a great example of this. It created a game of oneupsmanship between defi projects to contribute the most funding to the matching pool. A great outcome for public goods.

@markop I’d be keen to see your take on what clr.fund leaderboards might look like.

Given that we’d only have ethereum addresses from contributors, we’d probably have to rely on data that we can resolve from ENS (name, website, logo, etc are all available) or something like 3Box. But as long as we were clear about where we are pulling data from, people would be free to update their profiles how they see fit.

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This sounds great, I’ll try to mock up something soonest.

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Leaderboards are not on our roadmap and they do not seem to be an essential feature. So it’s a good candidate for a spinoff project. It could be even funded via clrfund.

Keep in mind that some contributors may not want to appear on leaderboard.

Totally! There is other work that is higher priority, but this is something that might be a bit easier for a new front end focused contributor to implement, without having to have an intimate understanding of how clr.fund works.

Given that we’d only be displaying information that is already available or referenced on chain, I don’t see any issue with it. If a user wants to be anonymous/pseudonymous, they should use an address that is not tied to an identity that they want exposed. This is true regardless of whether or not we have leaderboards.