Frothy Invoice #3

Frothy Invoice #3

Payment of 7k DAI (2k + 5k)

For the periods:
Month 3: July 19 - August 16 : $2k DAI

Month 4: August 16 - Sept 13 : $5k DAI

Month 3 was a lesser amount due to fewer tasks being executed.
Work completed was:
* Twitter posting and activation
* Interviews with recipients
* Blog posts relating to interviews

Month 4 is still unfolding with action on the following:
* Twitter posting and activation
*Interviews with recipients
*Blog posts relating to interviews
*Organizing a regular Twitter Spaces series and execution of the first Spaces event
*Ideating and organizing illustrations/ design work (clr 'Pool Party') to be created for for the purposes of brand narrative building, storytelling, future rewards/POAPS/NFTs etc. 
*Managing creative direction of clr Pool Party visual journey


Motion in colony to follow.

Thank you!
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