It hasn’t been submitted to the TCR yet, but I wanted to get feedback on whether or not the community thinks ETHDenver is a public good?

I would say yes. My thinking is that pretty much anything that is funded by advertising is a public good as long as the thing could operate equally well (or better) if ad revenue were replaced with other funding. I believe this is likely the case for ETHDenver, and so it can be classified as a public good (which obviously benefits Ethereum).

As a separate question, it would be up to contributors to decide whether giving ETHDenver non-advertising funds would make ETHDenver better or more sustainable than it currently is. While that’s not a sure thing (after all, ETHDenver could decide to just pocket what it gets from on top of their regular ad revenue), I can think of a few ways this could happen. For instance, not having to spend effort selling ads / recruiting sponsors could free up the organizers to spend more time on the attendee experience, or increasing the hackathon prize / bounty pool.

My suggestion to all prospective recipients (ETHDenver included) is to be specific about how the funds would be used. That will make it much easier for curators’ to decide whether it is an Ethereum public good and for funders to decide if it’s worthy of funding.

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