Enabling motions on our xDai colony

The below payments have been made and the motions extension has been enabled. I still have root permissions in the colony, so I’d suggest that perhaps one of the first things we should do with motions extension is to remove my permissions (that’s a good test to make sure it’s working as expected.

Once we’re comfortable with it, we can start transferring over some of the funding that we’ve received from various sources and use this colony as our way of rewarding contributors.

If you haven’t yet, please join the our colony by hitting the “join” link next to the colony’s address.

The motions and disputes extension just showed up in the Colony UI :tada:
I’d like to enable it at some point in the next few days, so it can finally start operating more in true colony style (reputation mediate lazy consensus) and we can trigger the last few rewards distributions.

But before we do, we should get the reputation distribution in order, since we’ve collectively neglected to keep track of our contributions for the lest few months.

I’d propose that we issue the following :gem: distributions as a, very rough, approximation of contributions over the past 6 months or so. Bearing in mind that some of the bellow are paid by other entities (like the EF) for their work and/or have contributed primarily to projects that are adjacent to the main clr.fund codebase.

Contributor Gems Address
@auryn 6,000 0xd714Dd60e22BbB1cbAFD0e40dE5Cfa7bBDD3F3C8
@Daodesigner 5,000 0x4E6fBdb11e8746A3fD7A8A919eA04c476B6781a0
@spengrah 4,000 0xA7a5A2745f10D5C23d75a6fd228A408cEDe1CAE5
@markop 2,000 0x6D97d65aDfF6771b31671443a6b9512104312d3D
@castall 1,000 0x02d9cc72Bc796D2128E58c04B6e50A4E101c0be1
@weijiekoh 1,000 0x16E203ea994D5cf97c7Ee1b50C812d0C2b1733AE
@samajammin 1,000 0xD21C92B33BC328C09Adc3136F5A588F6D11cbF4D
@ryan 1,000 0xAc03BB73b6a9e108530AFf4Df5077c2B3D481e5A
@wackerow 1,000 0xB6d052d6F5921d52C1c14b69a02De04f840CeFCd
@pettinarip 1,000 0xDd23c749DAe0090494b5c127a13E2328fE2852AC
@corwintines 1,000 0xdAe005395074C3073328adFf5a6BC9196b1fF977
George Trotter 1,000 0xbd6624AA067367167D48259e519162c9d7A4717d

I feel like I’ve probably missed some people and almost certainly have not accounted for some contributions. So please suggest changes if you see something out of line with your expectations.

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I support this move overall. Will be a good experiment to give Colony’s approach a run.

Those distributions look roughly reasonable to me. Though I’d definitely recommend my allocation be reduced, certainly below that of daodesigner’s.

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Please remove me from this list, I don’t want to be a member of colony.

Sure. I’ve removed you from the above list.

Thanks for the initiative @auryn I have no objections to the proposal. Looking forward to the next steps.

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Mind adding me on the list?

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Added, sorry for missing you on the first pass.

I’d like to go ahead and distribute the :gem: today or tomorrow.
I’d like to go ahead and distribute the :gem: today or tomorrow.
@weijiekoh, @samajammin, @ryan, wackerow, pettinarip, and @corwintines, could you guys please head over to the colony and setup your accounts, or just drop the address you’d like to use here (note that only Mtamask accounts are supported in Colony as of right now).

@auryn working on getting my account setup, but incase the transaction doesnt go through quick enough, my address is: 0xdAe005395074C3073328adFf5a6BC9196b1fF977

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Me too @auryn. I trying to setup the account. Meanwhile, my address is: 0xDd23c749DAe0090494b5c127a13E2328fE2852AC

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@auryn My account should be all set up with above address, same username

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All of the payments have been made and the motions extension has been enabled. (see update in OP)

I’ve gone ahead and created a motion to remove myself. It needs one more person to stake on it, for some reason it’s not letting stake all of it.

Thanks @auryn!

My address is 0xD21C92B33BC328C09Adc3136F5A588F6D11cbF4D

I’ll create an account with my same username (samajammin) - should I register a colony account on xDai or mainnet?

I tried to stake for this, but keep getting “You do not have enough active tokens to stake.” error message when trying. I have the tokens in my wallet though, so not sure whats up.

Ok I believe I’ve successfully joined the CLR colony.

Oh right, this is perhaps a little counter intuative. You need to “activate” your tokens before you can stake with them.

Gotcha! Ill get that handled today then, I see someone else stepped in to stake.

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