Creative/Visual work : Clr Fund Pool Party

We propose a creation project working with a motion designer. They are motivated to be able to create a visual journey for the clr fund brand narrative around (matching) Pool Parties, that ties into the Quadratic Lands (from Gitcoin) and the Ethereum Infinite Garden.

The designer we’d like to work with is Pippa Haslam, who is activated in the Discord #comms channel (see moodboard she shared for e.g).Her rate is $50 p/hr.

The proposal is to start with 1 animated illustration and progress from there, with potential to create single images that can either be NFTs, POAPs, contribution klout etc.

This can also tie into the Pool Party roles (role generator already created by Auryn) that would represent contribution badges for the community.


I’m all for this.

I think starting out with one piece that is essentially a mashup between a pool party and the hero image would be awesome.

We’ve talked a lot about NFTs for matching pool contributors, so I think that should be a ultimate goal of this, once a few other pieces have been made the art style has really been nailed down.

If suggest the milestones should be:

  1. Banner / hero image
  2. Re-usable images for social / blogs / etc
  3. NFTs for top x matching pool participants reach round is a great starting point for inspiration for 1 & 2.

You can find the CLRFund brand assets at