Collaboration for privacy preserving, bribery resistant QF for journalism in Croatia


we at Muqa are looking for a solution for starting a grant program, sponsored by the government, for journalism. @samajammin told me that will integrate MACI to become the first privacy preserving onchain PGF solution.

We are already working on using Gitcoin’s stack for regular municipal grant programs where privacy isn’t important. However, one of the grant themes, journalism, is where we are stuck on the problem of privacy and collusion.

The problem with journalism is that influence over a media outweighs the cost of funding for certain types of entities. Good example are politicians and corporations whose success might depend a lot on public stance, and manipulating it would create disproportionate value to them.

We need a QF solution for grant programs that will make it impossible to bribe voters or know who donated to whom.

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Hi @tomo, thanks for reaching out. We recently released a version with MACI v1 integration. Feel free to fork the project (the develop branch) and try it out.

If you have any question about setting it up, we’re happy to help.

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These kind of use-cases are exactly why MACI and clrfund exist!

As @yuetloo mentiond, you’re free to go ahead and fork the code to spin up an instance. The codebase is quite well documented, so it should be fairly straight forward to get a test up and running. We’re also happy to help out if you run into any snags along the way.

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