Anonymous donations

Quick Q. Imagine I want to make an anonymous donation on and it asks me to link my BrightID, will the project be able to verify my identity? Or is this only used to make sure that this is not a spam donation?

And even if the does not see or traces the link, is there an actual link in blockchain transactions between my identity and the project? I just would prefer not to link all my wallets to my legally verifiable identity. And I think many donors to good causes could be held back from doing so because of this. If this only sends back a signal ‘this person is unique’ I think this is okay but then it should prob be mentioned to take away barriers to donate & alleviate privacy concerns.
If not I would disable this if you’d like to receive more donations. cc @auryn

@castall can give a more in-depth response to this. But so far as I’m aware, there is no way for to associate your address with your brightID account. Further, your personally identifiable information in BrightID is only ever shared P2P with your connections, it is not part of the social graph that BrightID nodes analyze. So, the BrightID node could link your address to your BrightID identifier, but not to any personally identifiable information (unless one of the other IDs that your BrightID profile is linked to leaks information to the node).

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Ok thx for the quick reply Auryn! Donation executed :slight_smile:

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