[2,000 💎️] Deploy and coordinate a clr.fund instance for ETHDenver

Requesting 2,000 :gem: tokens, corresponding to 40 hours work at 50 :gem:/ hour, to be paid to 0xd714Dd60e22BbB1cbAFD0e40dE5Cfa7bBDD3F3C8 for the following work:

  • Negotiating an ETHDenver sponsorship for clr.fund, in exchange for help with their game design and judging.
  • Presenting clr.fund at ETHDenver.
  • Deploying, organizing, and coordinating an instance of clr.fund for ETHDenver’s Open Track.

The actual time committed to this is well over 40 hours, but since I didn’t keep organised track of the time, I’d only like to request 40 hours worth of :gem:.

If you object to this payment, please comment here in the next 72 hours.
If there are no prior objections, payment will be made on Feb 23, 2021.