Re-bootstrap reputation in our colony

When we migrated our colony over to xDai, we replicated the replicated the reputation supply from our mainnet colony, along with bootstrapping some reputation for other folks that had contributed to the ecosystem. However, the colony has been mostly dormant between then and now.

In the last two months, we’ve finally started using it a bit again, to pay our first full-time dev, Yuet :tada: and to cover some of the costs I’ve had running infrastructure and coordinating rounds. So Yuet and I have both earned some reputation recently, but no one else has.

Because of the way reputation in a colony works, if we continue to be the only people earning reputation, we’ll soon have unilateral control over the colony. Which is less than ideal. I’d like to propose that we distribute some reputation to everyone who has been contributing over the past ~year. That would be folks like @Daodesigner, @samajammin, @pettinarip, @corwintines, @ryan, @george, Barry, @ezra, @spengrah, and others that I’ve surely missed.

Ideally, everyone would come and make their own proposals for reputation, but I think we’re all a bit shy about it right now. So perhaps this time around we just blanket drop something like 30k :gem: to everyone who’s meaningfully contributed in the past year.


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One reason I think this is important is that for some questions / proposals, it would be really great for us to be able to do reputation weighted polls. Like this gitcoin <> clrfund post, for example.

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